Making a New Build Feel like Home


There are a lot of positives to purchasing a newly constructed home including new paint, plumbing, floors, countertops, finishes and all around less DIY projects than an older home. We get the draw to building a home or buying in a new development but why do some people shy away from it?

One reservation we hear as designers is that new construction homes don’t quite have the same charm as a historic home. At Chancellor we specialize in making new builds feel unique and “lived in” with our stages and design work and we have seen first-hand the impacts these simple design decisions can make. Below are some designs tips for making your newly constructed home feel personal, unique and full of personality.

Make it personal with fun and unique artwork

We love the impact that artwork makes on any space. Lots of little pieces hung sporadically can actually make your walls feel large and bare, so stick to large scale artwork where you can and see how your space transforms into a cozier, colorful environment.

Meet with the builder about modifications

If you are interested in buying in a new development, see if you can engage early with the builder before your home is built. You may be able to pick your plot and even make customizations tailored to you and your family! Things like lighting, exterior materials, flooring, tile, and hardware can be altered with minimal out of pocket cost.

Introduce a warm color palette and rich fabrics

New homes have a lot of white and gray paint up on the walls. The instinct may be to keep your interior design monochromatic. However, if you want some extra character try adding in some richer hues and fabrics. Forrest green, mustard, plum, terra-cotta and leather are just some of the colors and textures that really pop against a blank slate.

Use live plants

Plants truly breathe life into a space. Not only do they help keep our air clean, they work against the sterility of white walls.

Cover up those windows!

With the close proximity to neighbors, privacy may be hard to come by in a new development! Look at every window and make sure that beyond aesthetics, the window treatment provides the best light blocking and privacy solutions. Try silhouettes, woven shades, or roller shades for privacy and layer in drapery panels in select locations for a more homey feel.