Traveling to Find Inspiration

As a full time designer, I take finding inspiration for my projects seriously. And let’t face it, all the images on Pinterest and Houzz start to become a blur when you see the same types of designs over and over again! So that is why I prioritize getting out and seeing the world first hand as a way to stay connected with history, art and design.

My husband and I spent the second half of April traveling the world in search of design inspiration. Our main stops were Copenhagen, Seville and Marrakesh and we found each place celebrated design very differently. In Copenhagen, utilitarian and modern design reigns supreme. Much of the city combines charming, old-world European architecture with native, modern silhouettes that Denmark takes great pride in. Our favorite stop was the Denmark Design Museum where we saw a whole room of chair heaven! From Eames to Wegner, they have all the quintessential Nordic designs preserved in a fun, interactive display.

Next up, we hopped on a plane to southern Spain- mainly Seville. We loved its amazing architecture and mediterranean style. Seville is the city of the color mustard! This was the most flamboyant exterior designs we saw coupled with amazing tile detail from local ceramic experts. The showy architecture related nicely to the lively social gatherings we witnessed all over Seville. We even caught a soccer game at the stadium for the local soccer team Real Betis. Truly a city we won’t forget!

Marrakesh was the winner for design inspiration between all the places we went! I was pleasantly surprised by how much pink was incorporated into the city’s walls! From the hustle and bustle of the souks to the tiled palaces- this place is amazing! We had so much fun sourcing textiles, tile and artwork at the souks. The traditional Moroccan Riads we stayed at were immaculately designed with great attention to detail in the tile work, furnishings. Boho - chic never looked so good!

Can’t wait for our next adventure!


Interior Designer at Chancellor Designs